Roy Ryan
Jason Isaacs Community©
24.12.2008 16:11:59
Actor JASON ISAACS is racing to get to Lapland this Christmas, so he can give his kids some magical memories.
The Harry Potter star fears he spends too much time away from his young children while he is filming, and wants to make sure they have a great family Christmas.
He says, "I get home when my kids are asleep and I leave before they wake up, so I'm trying to buy my way back into their affection.
"I'm desperate to take my kids to Lapland to meet Santa. That's a trip you can do from London. I've got friends who have taken their kids there and they're now grown up, like 10 or 11, and they realise there's no Tooth Fairy, but they still believe in Santa - because they met him.
"So I'm desperate to take my kids before the disbelief sets in. We have Santa, the Tooth Fairy and The Switch Witch who comes on Halloween and switches out all the candy by the bed for a gift; the Tooth Fairy's cousin."

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